Notable Engagements

Anderson v. General Motors, Verdict, $4,900,000,000
Member of a trial team that represented plaintiffs in an action for defective fuel system that led to severe burn injuries to four children and two adults. Amongst the largest product liability judgments in American history.

Andrew v. Orr, Net Award to Client, $4,000
Defended homeowner against another homeowner in a lawsuit for battery and breach of CC&Rs. Plaintiff demanded $100,000, and settled for $4,000 following binding arbitration. Client ultimately recovered $4,000 from Plaintiff stemming from a restraining order brought against Plaintiff in a companion lawsuit.

Bainbridge v. City of Laguna Beach, Motion for Summary Judgment Granted
Represented defendant City in a matter where a pedestrian was struck and injured in a crosswalk by a drunk driver. Pedestrian claimed that the crosswalk constituted a dangerous condition of public property. City filed a Motion for Summary Judgment, successfully arguing that City had no ownership or control over the sidewalk.

Berry v. Amway Corp., Settlement, $5,000
Defended Amway Corp. in an auto versus pedestrian matter initially filed in state court. Plaintiff’s demand was $1,300,000. Amway Corp. removed the matter to federal court and with minimal litigation, resolved the case for $5,000.

Carp v. Sztain, Settlement, $40,000
Defended subcontractor in a construction defect case involving a single family residence. The cost of repairing the residence exceeded $1,500,000, and exposed the subcontractor to joint and several liability. Plaintiff served an Offer to Compromise for $100,000, but settled for $40,000 after aggressive negotiations.

Confidential Homeowner v. Confidential Homeowners’ Association, Settlement, $25,000 on Cross-Complaint
Represented Homeowners’ Association in a lawsuit brought by a homeowner alleging damages in excess of $400,000 stemming from a water intrusion incident. Homeowners’ Association filed a Cross-Complaint against plumber alleging causes of action for Negligence and Indemnification. Homeowners’ Association settled with the homeowner for nuisance value, and recovered $25,000 on its Cross-Complaint.

Confidential Insurance Company v. Retailer, Settlement, $1,000
Subrogation matter wherein insurance company sought to recover $100,000 for water intrusion and property damage paid on behalf of insured. Client retailer settled the matter with insurance company for $1,000.

Fasttrack v. Armstead, Settlement, $2,500 paid on Cross-Complaint
Defended former employee in an action brought by former employer who alleged unfair competition and breach of agreement not to compete. Client filed a Cross-Complaint claiming violation of wage and hour laws. Employer sought damages in excess of $150,000, but dismissed this claim with prejudice, instead paying $2,500 to former employee on the Cross-Complaint.
Griggs v. West-Pac Industries and Tools Exchange, Verdict, $58,000,000
Member of the trial team that represented a worker who suffered severe burn injuries caused by a defective O-ring. Largest single plaintiff personal injury verdict in California.

Hamilton v. Herrera, Dismissal
Defended homeowner in a nuisance claim brought by Plaintiffs who had called the Sheriff’s Department to defendant homeowner’s residence 20 times (without citation), who had shouted at defendant with a bullhorn, and who had erected a sign on defendant’s property. Plaintiffs ultimately dismissed the matter.

Kimball v. Soutlhern California Edison, Verdict, $21,000,000
Member of trial team representing professional avocado picker electrocuted by hidden power lines while working. Injuries caused amputation of one arm and portion of a leg and other arm. This was the largest judgment against Southern California Edison in a personal injury suit.

Luong v. Lambda Phi Epsilon, Settlement, $100,000
Defended fraternity member under a Cumis Waiver in a wrongful death action wherein survivors claimed damages in excess of $2,000,000. Survivors alleged Conspiracy, Battery, and other intentional torts, exposing client to joint and several liability. Client’s homeowners’ insurance policy paid the settlement, with no out-of-pocket contribution from client.

Mathews v. Goodyear, Confidential Settlement
Represented a former LAPD bomb squad officer injured in a crash after a tire failure. Client suffered a spinal cord injury and is now a paraplegic. Discovery in the case led to an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration resulting in the voluntary recall of many Goodyear tires.

Motakef v. Woodcrest Homeowners’ Association, Partial Motion for Summary Judgment Granted
Represented homeowners’ association in a discrimination matter pending before the United States District Court, Central District of California. Plaintiff attempted to personally name members of the board of directors for the homeowners’ association in her lawsuit. This effort was denied by the Court. Subsequently, a Partial Motion for Summary Judgment was filed on behalf of the homeowner’s association and property manager, arguing that the federal discrimination allegations were improper. The Court granted the motion, referring the balance of the case to State Court. The case ultimately settled in State Court for nuisance value.

Muhammad v. Smoke Tree Apartments, Judgment for Costs in favor of Defendant
Defended apartment complex where tenant asserted Conversion and violation of numerous statutes resulting in $900,000 of property damage. The apartment complex attempted to settle the case prior to trial, offering the tenant $10,000. The tenant rejected this offer. After a four-day jury trial, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the tenant in the amount of $8,100. As the tenant had rejected the pretrial offer which was greater than the verdict, judgment was entered in favor of the apartment complex for costs in the amount of $6,000.

O’Brien v. Bunker, Dismissal with Prejudice
Represented employee of Homeowners’ Association in an action where Plaintiff homeowner alleged damages in excess of $200,000; homeowner asserted she was unable to sell her property as the result of employee’s interference with the sales process. Plaintiff dismissed her suit against client employee, with prejudice.

Rall v. Kenney, Settlement, $175,000
Represented a motorcyclist who was struck by a commercial tow truck when the truck came into his lane, hooked his motorcycle, and caused him to rear end another vehicle. The tow truck driver disputed this claim, stating that the motorcyclist was driving too fast, causing the motorcyclist to rear end the other vehicle. The motorcyclist sustained bilateral wrist injuries, resulting in the need for a partial fusion of his left wrist. These allegations were aggressively disputed by the tow truck driver, however, a settlement was ultimately reached for $175,000.

S.F. v. I.K, Settlement Confidential
Defended minor in an action wherein minor Plaintiff alleged defamation and emotional distress stemming from the posting of a MySpace page, and claimed in excess of $850,000 in damages. A confidential settlement was reached.

Whetstone v. Schlumberger, Verdict, $2,500,000
Member of a litigation team representing survivors in the wrongful death of a college student who crashed on the highway after hitting a metal object that fell off the defendant’s trailer.

Wilkerson v. Saunders, Settlement, $60,000
Represented Plaintiff in an automobile accident where liability was uncontested. Medical specials totaled $12,000. Defendant settled for $60,000.

Willis v. Continental Homeowners’ Association, Dismissal with Prejudice
Defended a Homeowners’ Association, and the former President of the Board in a conversion action, where damages in excess of $25,000 were alleged. Plaintiff dismissed his lawsuit, with prejudice.

Windell Investments v. Universal Molding, Settlement, Amendments to CC&Rs
Represented a local business concerning property hazards in an area governed by an owners’ association. Following the filing of a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction, and without the need to resort to further litigation, the opposing party conceded to the business’ demands, including amendments to the governing documents of the Business Owners’ Association.

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